The Landslide

…But this “me” is now a real-life victim of this disgusting, disturbing, unacceptable condition, homelessness. It’s so ugly, that most of us (like, to a lesser extent, even myself, before, in better times), simply pretend, that it either doesn’t exist, it’s fairly easy to solve and that the sufferer himself is to blame.  Brothers and sisters, be good and well-behaved to never encounter this “nonexistent” phenomenon (say, by some accident

The Girl at Tiffany’s

The diamonds in the window were breathtakingly beautiful. It was Christmas time. The girl was about 14 years old, a tiny heap of bones and skin. She appeared to be black. Actually, grey.  She lay with her back popped against the foot wall of Tiffany’s. She was literally, practically naked. She wasn’t selling her body. She wasn’t panhandling. She was freezing to death. It was below zero; I was cold

The Thrill Of Life. Or Death.

The Thrill Of Death. The House of The Fallen. That was the first night I slept in the woods. Just a little stretch of trees and shrubs that surround my home that I was evicted from earlier that day. Evicted upon my own decision but assisted by the sheriff, nevertheless. Just to be on the safe side. It was still summer, a sweltering day even. How much of a shock

Kitten in troubled waters

The rush floods came. The peaceful brook of yesterday has turned into a roaring monster of wild water. In the rushing flow a kitten was adrift, hanging on to dear life as the waves carried it down and away. There was no hope for the kitten; the water was cruel, deep, dark and cold. Then, like in a miracle, a strong arm from a felled tree branch reached down in