The Landslide

But this “me” is now a real-life victim of a disgusting, disturbing, unacceptable condition, homelessness. It’s so ugly, that most of us simply pretend that it either doesn’t exist, it’s fairly easy to solve and that the sufferer himself is to blame.  Brothers and sisters, be good and well-behaved to never encounter this “nonexistent” phenomenon (say, by some accident out of your control), because the reality will hit you like a ton of bricks. Like a landslide that covers you and you can’t ever get out from under it without an army of volunteers, bulldozers, medical personnel, a K-9 contingent and troops of paramilitary.

So, I fell from grace. My fall caused a landslide that covered me. And now all I can do is hope for that “army” of help to arrive. Otherwise I will remain buried under the ruble.

The Girl at Tiffany’s

The diamonds in the window were breathtakingly beautiful. It was Christmas time. The girl was about 14 years old, a tiny heap of bones and skin. She appeared to be black. Actually, grey.  She lay with her back popped against the foot wall of Tiffany’s. She was literally, practically naked. She wasn’t selling her body. She wasn’t panhandling. She was freezing to death. It was below zero; I was cold in my winter coat. Just her sight made my teeth rattle. The well-heeled, beautiful throng of diamond-shoppers quietly walked around her. I’m sure she was insane. How did she get there? I didn’t wait for the police or ambulance to arrive. Because they do arrive. Eventually. Then it all begins all over again.